About Marissa Frost + Granny Panty Designs

Marissa Frost started Granny Panty Designs in 2010. The business name is a tribute to Marissa’s 5 grandmothers that she was so fortunate to grow up with.

Her great granny owned a stationery store in the San Fernando Valley, which employed one of her grandmas, her mother, and many other family members. Marissa grew up around art and stationery supplies, and could be found selling her artwork at the front of the store at a very young age. She decided to study art and photography at UC Santa Cruz, and later moved to San Francisco. Marissa began teaching after school art, where she was constantly looking for recycled materials to use in the classroom. In a time where GPS, and iPhones were the norm, Marissa found an abundance of old discarded maps. She integrated the maps in the classroom, but also started experimenting with them in her own artwork. Granny Panty Designs was born shortly after.

At Granny Panty Designs, you can find greeting cards, artwork, and one of a kind home décor items that are all inspired by maps. The cards and prints are reproductions from original map paper cuts. Marissa hand cuts a map with an Xacto knife, then makes reproductions of her originals. All products are made sustainably, locally, and with eco friendly materials in San Francisco, CA.

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