The First Creative Business Basics Panel Rocked!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when a group of women entrepreneurs called Creative Pursuit Collective held their first business planning workshop called Creative Business Basics.

Read more about the makers behind Creative Pursuit Collective here.

Twelve attendees came with talents in ceramics, fine art, fermentations, music and jewelry to name a few.

The lovely ladies of CPC

A lively discussion point made by Creek of Compass Rose Design.

Rebecca Saylor of OodleBaDoodle kicked off the 2-hour session with intros to each of the panelists.

These jewelers, makers and artists represent over 30 years of business experience collectively. Laura Shields of Made from books, Kyla O’Neill of Impressed by Nature, Jeannine Komush of Tangleweeds and Creek Van Houten of Compass Rose all represented jewelry. Maggie Hurley and Amy Rose Moore spoke about their art businesses.

The panelists tackled questions such as:

Where does a creative pursuit fit in to my life? Full time, wholesale, part time?

What was the one motivator that got you into your business?

They also discussed the marketing benefits of doing craft shows. Maggie and Kyla said shows are a great testing ground for new products and pricing. Amy said she liked doing shows for the immediate feedback that she gets on her work.

Jeannine and Kyla talked about the importance of greeting and engaging customers who come into your booth. They said you can learn so much about your product and your customer by listening to the descriptive words people while they’re trying on or looking at your work.

Kyla emphasizes the importance of engaging with customers.

Great questions came up during the Q & A.

Rebecca posed the question: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your old self?

Some great nuggets of truth were:

Don’t hold on to something to wait til it’s perfect.

It’s important to get feedback. There’s no right or wrong.

You can’t always plan for where you’re going to go.

The audience was really engaged and asked some great questions during the Q&A segment. They touched on wholesale, financial and business planning a bit.

Many of these questions will be address in detail in the next 3 panels. Don’t miss out!

Future panels this month will take a deeper dive into:

Join us! Tickets still available. If you have any questions, reach out to any of the ladies on the Creative Pursuit Collective website. Or read more about these creative ladies on the CPC blog. Sign up for their newsletters for inspiration in your email box.

Photos and blog post by Jenny Fong of Modern Shibori

This first panel was a total success!

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