About Jeannine + Tangleweeds

Jewelry as story. As the link between where we are and where we’ve been.

Jeannine Komush was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age she collected rocks and twigs, shells found at the beach, feathers found on sidewalks and brought them home to arrange in tidy piles on her childhood desk. That early love of nature and the beautiful ephemera it creates, led in a serpentine way to a love for creating jewelry. In September of 2009 she started Tangleweeds and her jewelry making business adventures began. With hammers and files, stones and beads, Jeannine creates pieces that are rustic and yet elegant. Textures echo the graininess of sand beneath one’s feet, the ripple of a river’s flow over smooth rocks, or perhaps, the ridges of a bird’s feathers. Inspiration is in the everyday, right outside her studio door in Oakland, CA.

While creating jewelry is her main form of expression, she also has a passion for the written word. You can read her musings and some of the stories behind her designs in her Tangleweeds Journal (found on her website.) New jewelry collections are released often, usually twice a year.

Finding ways to grow and support the community of small, women-owned businesses in the SF bay area is interwoven with the creative work Jeannine does. As one of the founding members of the Creative Pursuit Collective she works to connect with other professional creatives in a way that is supportive and conducive to both business and personal growth.

You can explore her world at http://www.tangleweeds-jewelry.com.