About Laura + Yes & Yes Designs

I started making jewelry as a child alongside my parents: as artists, they’d always have my brother and I make christmas presents for our extended family members.

In fact, making presents for my family was how I started Yes & Yes Designs. After inheriting a formidable collection of wool felt from my grandmother, I started making fabric floral headbands and accessories.  Constantly on the hunt for exciting materials to repurpose, and being a natural bibliophile, it didn’t take me long to experiment with using discarded books as a material for laser cutting. Now, I’m lucky enough to work with my husband, Julien, to design and produce our jewelry together.

Made From Books is a line byYes & Yes Designs that uses unwanted, falling apart, or outdated books to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each piece is laser cut and assembled with care by us, Laura and Julien Shields, at our workshop in Oakland, California. We then donate a portion of our profits to support literacy programs worldwide.

For us, Yes & Yes Designs is about creating something beautiful that has a positive impact. We don’t want to have to choose between fun or serious, bold or sophisticated, beautiful or meaningful: we want it all! Yes, yes, and yes!

About our process:

Thousands of books are thrown away each year in the SF Bay Area alone. We find unwanted, falling apart, or outdated books and give them a new life. Delicate embossing, fabric weaves and fragments of colorful patterns make each piece unique. Old textbooks and damaged children’s books are our favorites, though any hardcover book with interesting colors or patterns will do. Yes, we judge a book by its cover. We get our books from library sales, thrift stores, garage sales, and via donations.