About Maggie Hurley ~ Whimsy & Whatnot

Sprinkling the world with whimsy, one wacky creation at a time.

Armed with my grandmother’s artistic proclivities, a stack of Brian Froud books, and some watercolors, I taught myself to paint when I was a kid. I spent a year and a half at an art school in Southern California (the Laguna College of Art & Design), which I adored, and have continued honing my skills ever since. My creative process starts with either an idea of what I’m going to make, research for some source material and careful planning before getting started OR, I just sit down with a pencil and my sketchpad and will something into existence. Sometimes I’m convinced that there are at least three different artists holed up in my head.

I have a few recurring characters: some little creatures that are mostly robot with a splash of something a little more delicate, some jaded women with an attachment to the science behind love, and my grumpy little owl called Herbert, and a bevy of bird portraits. I also do children’s portraits, and the occasional flower or piece of fruit, but my work tends toward the light and smile-inducing.

I like to draw or paint just about anything, from day dreams to a piece of fruit that looks too pretty to eat.  I can’t seem to stick to one medium.  Sometimes I like the ease of watercolor, or the texture of oil.  Sometimes I like to get my fingers thick with clay.

I believe in giving back and donate a portion of my sales to organizations making the world a better place.

My work attempts to inspire positive change. I donate a portion of my sales to organizations supporting this goal, from Audubon, to WildAid, to MISSSEY, to the Lonely Whale Foundation. So when you buy a piece of art from me, not only will you get something delightful to look at, or give as a gift, you’ll also be contributing to some really excellent causes.